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Person (+16 years old)

Walking tour of Borghese Gallery and through the Villa Borghese gardens!

Visit one of the world’s most beautiful art museums hosting the works of extraordinary artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, Canova, and Raffaello.

The gallery’s most important sculptures and paintings are from Cardinal Scipione Borghese’s collection (1579 – 1633). He was the son of Ortensia Borghese, sister of both Pope Paul V and Francesco Caffarelli.

We admire Caravaggio’s most important paintings, including “Young sick Bacchus” and “Boy with a basket of fruit,” as well as Bernini and Canova’s magnificent sculpture collection, boasting works like “Apollo and Daphne,” “David,” “The rape of Preserpina,” and “Paolina Bonaparte.” Of course, we don’t miss out on Raffaello’s “Entombment of Christ.”

We lead you through the marvelous rooms of Casina Borghese, with its splendid frescoes, and disclose the secrets, the stories, and the painting techniques concealed behind the masterpieces of one of the world’s most beautiful art museums.